Sewer Line Replacements in Antioch

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Your main sewer line is an integral part of your plumbing system that takes used wastewater away from your home. As a homeowner, you are responsible for this entire line from your home to its connection at the city’s sewer line. Antioch’s sewer line replacements typically mean excavation is necessary as your pipe is beyond trenchless sewer repair. Pure Water Plumbing and Rooter Inc. has 25 years of experience helping thousands of community members with long-lasting plumbing solutions. Replacing a sewer line can take time and be stressful as your daily life may be interrupted for a few weeks. However, we are here to help through the entire process, so you’re never without answers.

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What to Expect During a Sewer Line Replacement

You may have experienced clogs, backups, sewage odors, excessive pipe corrosion, or tree root damage that has caused your sewer line to need replacement. 

Sewer line replacement, though it will change somewhat depending on your unique situation, will roughly follow this process:

Diagnosing the problem and finding the location is the first step of this process and often begins with a sewer camera inspection. An inspection may last 30 minutes to an hour and allows our team to find the root of the problem, which may be a blockage, tree roots, or a collapsed pipe. After we have found the source of your plumbing issues, we will estimate the repair cost, including landscaping, sidewalk, or street excavation.

You may be able to temporarily move expensive landscaping or other large obstructions such as fences to minimize the cost of yard work after the replacement. Our team will mark all underground utilities and protect the work area to reduce the disruption to your yard and avoid utility lines during excavation. We want the job to be done right the first time, and protecting areas of your outdoor space may take more time but can save you money after we repair your plumbing.

Finally, it’s time for installation. We will have a DEP inspector watch and approve our sewer line installation, so you are assured the job is up to code. This entire process may take up to a week but is worth waiting for high-quality materials and proper installation. The most important part of your sewer line is its slope, as sewage removal works based on gravity. If there is an improper slope or poor installation, you could experience sewage backups that can cause another replacement in little to no time.

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Sewer Line FAQ

Though we’ve explained the process for sewer line replacements in Antioch, you may still have questions about your main sewer line. Here are the answers to our most asked questions:

  • How long does a sewer line last?
    The exact lifespan of your sewer line depends on tree proximity, pipe material, soil erosion, and other factors, but they last approximately 40 years. Regular sewer camera inspections can help you monitor your pipe’s health.
  • If the line is damaged, who is responsible?
    Typically, the homeowner is responsible for the line between the city’s mainline and your home. Wherever this line runs, you are responsible for restoring it to its original condition in the case of a replacement.
  • What causes sewer line damage?
    Tree roots, time, extreme temperatures, blockages, debris, and soil conditions are the most common reasons your sewer line becomes damaged.
    Pure Water Plumbing and Rooter Inc. should be your only option for expert sewer line replacement in Antioch. We have 25 years of experience providing long-lasting solutions for our community members. 

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